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Hey Peeeeeps!!!!!!

My name is Laura.
On this page you find my creative output about business, metal, skating, giving power to women, learning new things and whatsoever... it´s just starting - give me some time and I will fill it up step by step.

Creating Passive Income Streams

I am into the topic of creating passive income to realize my dream of becoming professional musician and being able to do my projects and support others.
I learned how positive money can be and what nonsense money dogmas exist in most people´s minds.

Passive income is when working and getting money is not directly linked and when it's endless scalable.
So for example for a book: Sure, first we had to work for it 2 years without getting anything. But now it's on the market and will be sold the next 20 years without causing much work anymore for me. So I can sit relaxing at the beach while having income from the bookselling (which is done by the producer).
I generated a creative list of 30 possibilities for creating passive income. Also I realized some of them for myself.
If you are interested in any of these topics, don't hesitate to contact me.
For my German Readers: Check Finde dort 30 Ideen für passives Einkommen und allerlei wissenswertes darüber, wie Geld für dich arbeitet.

Mama goes Wacken

In January 2020 I started my journey of becoming a professional metal musician. Good enough to play Wacken! My target is 
1st: To develop a regardful and free mindset
2nd: To become financial free and independent from being employed 
3rd: To study at Wacken Metal Academy
4th: Producing Music
4th: Working as music instructor with young people in an educational institution on a small island, counting birds for NABU and getting my PPL.
5th: Playing on stage in Wacken within these 10 years of development.
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I´m influenced by very different fields of interest. In short I can summarize it up to "music, sports and handiwork". 
That´s why my product ideas will not follow only one concept.
I start with earrings (I design earrings since I´m 12 years old). There are several more product ideas in the loop - physical as well as digital products.

Support Female Power

Chances are not equal in the world. Especially women and girls suffer a lot in many places. That´s why I support Plan International and Skate Aid on monthly basis. They have special programs for supporting young women and girls. If it´s of interest for you, click the link below.

In addition I founded the Facebook Group "Female Metal Musicians and those who want to become one". This is a safe room for women to try out their ideas about metal. Metal makes strong! The link is in my "Linkspider"